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Bodnant Gardens

Freckles at Bodant - Frecklesthefoxcub

Well as you can imagine, Chai felt she’d been transported into her favourite dream when we arrived at Bodnant Gardens on day two of our awesome Welsh adventure! Everywhere you looked there were colourful flowers, or an amazingly shaped tree or lots of tourists taking flower selfies! We just stopped and stared at the entrance because it was all so beautiful we didn’t know where to look first! Cocoa had to make sure we kept hold of Chai otherwise she’d have taken the flowers for her swag bag and pressed flower book. She’s something more of a handful than Finn!

There were so many beautiful flowers and some of them had really funny names! I especially liked the Handkerchief tree and the Mrs Moon plant! It so much fun exploring all the pathways and so many places to explore you could get lost. Which we did. But that was fun too.

We wandered through carpets of bluebells, stared down at terrifyingly amazing drops and even saw an amazing arch all covered in flowers, it’s called the Laburnam arch and looks like it’s covered in thousands of tiny yellow pom poms all strung together!

I know I’m a little fox but walking under the huuuuge trees I felt like I was about to be stood on by giant legs.

If you love flowers you would love it here, such a happy place and so many places to run around and discover. Yay! Thanks for a great day out Bodnant Gardens!