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Bodnant Gardens

Freckles at Bodant - Frecklesthefoxcub

Well as you can imagine, Chai felt she’d been transported into her favourite dream when we arrived at Bodnant Gardens on day two of our awesome Welsh adventure! Everywhere you looked there were colourful flowers, or an amazingly shaped tree or lots of tourists taking flower selfies! We just stopped and stared at the entrance because it was all so beautiful we didn’t know where to look first! Cocoa had to make sure we kept hold of Chai otherwise she’d have taken the flowers for her swag bag and pressed flower book. She’s something more of a handful than Finn!

There were so many beautiful flowers and some of them had really funny names! I especially liked the Handkerchief tree and the Mrs Moon plant! It so much fun exploring all the pathways and so many places to explore you could get lost. Which we did. But that was fun too.

We wandered through carpets of bluebells, stared down at terrifyingly amazing drops and even saw an amazing arch all covered in flowers, it’s called the Laburnam arch and looks like it’s covered in thousands of tiny yellow pom poms all strung together!

I know I’m a little fox but walking under the huuuuge trees I felt like I was about to be stood on by giant legs.

If you love flowers you would love it here, such a happy place and so many places to run around and discover. Yay! Thanks for a great day out Bodnant Gardens!


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Welcome to Portmeirion

Freckles in Portmeirion - Frecklesthefoxcub

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all having a Freckletastic day!

We just came back from the most amazing holiday in North Wales, it was so exciting, there were so many places to explore for me, loads of flowers to see for Chai, lots of things to paint for Cocoa and lots of places to get into trouble in for…guess who…Finn!

When Cocoa said we were going to an Italian village I was sad because I didn’t want to leave Wales yet but then we found out the Italian village actually is IN Wales! We couldn’t believe it. It’s called Portmeirion and was made by a very fun man called Clough William Ellis. I can’t remember much of the history because I’m just a little fox cub but I do remember in the video they showed there he wore bright yellow socks to his knee. Which I think is really cool!

Oh! I do remember that Clough William Ellis built it to show you could create something beautiful and keep it beautiful. Cocoa thinks it’s not very old as it’s the 1920’s but I think that is quite old!

Everywhere was so colourful like someone had spilt a box of paint over all the buildings. Clough William Ellis rescued buildings that would be destroyed and saved them to put in his village and it’s called the Home for Fallen Buildings. And there were little blackbirds and sparrows singing and blue skies and flowers and green trees and we went on a land train too! Sorry, I’m getting really excited, it was just so much fun!

Oh, and Cocoa says there was a programme called the Prisoner filmed in the sixties which was set here. I didn’t really understand it but Cocoa loved it and that’s why she bought me this Prisoner-themed bandana.


Chai’s favourite bit – The colours! Everywhere was so pretty you couldn’t stop smiling. And there were lots of flowers and Rhododendrons in the wild woodland! They were so pretty but Cocoa wouldn’t let me pick them for my pressed flower book.

Finn’s favourite bit – There were lots of places to explore and I loved the train! Everyone tok the land train to the top but I raced up after it! When I got to the top I could see the whooooole of the village! I felt like a giant fox!

Cocoa’s favourite bit! Everything! Everywhere was so happy and I could have sat and drawn all day!

We give Portmeirion a colourful FIVE out of five 😀

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Hello from a little fox cub

Wohoo! We were featured on the lovely Happy Spoonies awesome blog! It seems the perfect way to start up our new blog. Read below for the interview


I’m very excited to show you the guest post from this wonderful, creative and kind artist I like to call one of my dear internet friends. The artwork is amazing and the story behind it always makes me smile. I would very much recommend that you start following this talented spoonie, like, yesterday. Here is the story of Freckles. Enjoy!

Hello! My name’s Freckles, I’m a little fox cub and I’m so excited to be able to share my story with you all. I suppose my best friend Cocoa, and the illustrator of all our adventures should really be the one writing this but seeing as we are working on a book together I should probably get used to writing more.

Hello! My name’s Freckles, I’m a little fox cub and I’m so excited to be able to share my story with you all. I suppose my best friend Cocoa, and the illustrator of all our adventures should really be the one writing this but seeing as we are working on a book together I should probably get used to writing more.


It’s hard to believe but only last year I lived in a dark forest full of all sorts of scary creatures, but one day I found a little cabin in the wood where an artist lived. She had wild brown hair and big purple glasses and more books and art materials in her house than there are mice in a forest!  I knew I’d found my best friend.


Since then we’ve been on incredible adventures through her paintings, we’ve seen the Olympics in Rio (I got a medal) faced a bull in Scotland, flown on a Bald Eagle in North America and even pretended to be cats in a cat cafe in Tokyo (yes, that place actually exists)


My little brother Finn joined us several months ago and he made himself very at home with us, he eats my cookies without permission and manages to break and get tangled up in everything.

Cocoa is always drawing and making things, in December we released our own Christmas cards which we sold on our Etsy here  and were sent all over the world. It was so exciting because I got to be on every design! I think I’m allowed to tell you that we have our new greeting cards coming out in the next few months…oh I wasn’t allowed to tell you that…oh well! I’m on those too.

Frecklesthefoxcub best friends

We have lots of exciting projects in the work like ideas for our book and Cocoa is constantly drawing and uploading pictures to our instagram @frecklesthefoxcub.

I love my life with Cocoa and Finn, Cocoa’s family and Skye the cat, because no matter what the world throws at us, we are always happy and there for each other. Before I was a rather scared fox and very lonely and now I have wonderful friends from all around the world and despite only being a little cub I’m learning a lot.

Frecklesthefoxcub Banana Muffin disaster

If I had to give a piece of advice then I would always say, ‘Love the little things in life, like the smell of freshly baked banana muffins, the feeling of comfort when you’re all snuggled up on the couch watching a movie and the beautiful dew on the grass on a early morning. Because life is a bit like a car journey, sometimes your little brother screams and shouts and eats your cookies (that’s the bad bits) and sometimes you pass a beautiful meadow of flowers and take silly photos together (those are the good bits) and while I hate the bad bits the good bits wouldn’t be half as good without them.

Frecklesthefoxcub sleepless in Seattle

Wow I got really philosop…philsoph…got really deep there! Well I better go and find another place for my cookies where Finn can’t find them. Thanks for reading our story and please come say hello on my Instagram @Frecklesthefoxcub. We love new friends even more than cookies and banana muffins, and that is saying a lot!