About Me!

Hi, welcome to my blog!


My name’s Freckles, I’m a little girl fox cub who loves long naps, playing in the leaf litter, star gazing and going on lots of adventures!

I live with

Cocoa! She is my best friend and we have such fun travelling the world virtually and exploring everywhere. She draws all our adventures, is quite mad, wants to be a superhero and is a terrible cook! Don’t ask her to make ANYTHING!

Finn! He is my little brother, he’s a little ball of mischief. If he’s sitting still you should be worried because he doesn’t sit still. He loves dressing up in cool hats, hates water and eats my banana muffins!

Chai! She is my little sister and Finn’s twin! She absolutely loves flowers, pretty things and is always in trouble when she goes to fancy gardens because she picks the flowers for her flower pressing book! She always has a bow in her hair.

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In case we run around so fast you’re not sure who’s who, here’s a sure-fire way to know.

Freckles and co - Frecklesthefoxcub

From left to right is

Finn Who is a bit smaller than me and always has a spiky coiffure

Freckles – my fur is always like this

Chai – she is easy because she always wears a bow