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Welcome to Portmeirion

Freckles in Portmeirion - Frecklesthefoxcub

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all having a Freckletastic day!

We just came back from the most amazing holiday in North Wales, it was so exciting, there were so many places to explore for me, loads of flowers to see for Chai, lots of things to paint for Cocoa and lots of places to get into trouble in for…guess who…Finn!

When Cocoa said we were going to an Italian village I was sad because I didn’t want to leave Wales yet but then we found out the Italian village actually is IN Wales! We couldn’t believe it. It’s called Portmeirion and was made by a very fun man called Clough William Ellis. I can’t remember much of the history because I’m just a little fox cub but I do remember in the video they showed there he wore bright yellow socks to his knee. Which I think is really cool!

Oh! I do remember that Clough William Ellis built it to show you could create something beautiful and keep it beautiful. Cocoa thinks it’s not very old as it’s the 1920’s but I think that is quite old!

Everywhere was so colourful like someone had spilt a box of paint over all the buildings. Clough William Ellis rescued buildings that would be destroyed and saved them to put in his village and it’s called the Home for Fallen Buildings. And there were little blackbirds and sparrows singing and blue skies and flowers and green trees and we went on a land train too! Sorry, I’m getting really excited, it was just so much fun!

Oh, and Cocoa says there was a programme called the Prisoner filmed in the sixties which was set here. I didn’t really understand it but Cocoa loved it and that’s why she bought me this Prisoner-themed bandana.


Chai’s favourite bit – The colours! Everywhere was so pretty you couldn’t stop smiling. And there were lots of flowers and Rhododendrons in the wild woodland! They were so pretty but Cocoa wouldn’t let me pick them for my pressed flower book.

Finn’s favourite bit – There were lots of places to explore and I loved the train! Everyone tok the land train to the top but I raced up after it! When I got to the top I could see the whooooole of the village! I felt like a giant fox!

Cocoa’s favourite bit! Everything! Everywhere was so happy and I could have sat and drawn all day!

We give Portmeirion a colourful FIVE out of five 😀



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